Ripple System Features

  • Over 327,000 of Ripple Lights have cumulatively been used at a variety of events. The maximum number of Ripple Light in one event is 12,000. Unlimited number of connection is possible.
  • Ripple communication enables multiple (unlimited) devices connection utilizing its very weak radio wave (uniquely developed communication protocol), and offers wide variety of usages such as entertainment, medical scene, and inter-module communication.
  • Effortless set up associated equipment for the illumination (PC, one antenna)
  • Incredibly stable for extensive use due to its proximity communication
  • Each terminal works as communication infrastructure, utilizable indoors or outdoors
  • 40 hours of battery life reduces the time and effort of the replacement
  • Ripple Light can be applied for illumination or light up indoors and outdoors

Ripple system technology

Radio wave technology

Ripple Light system* allow one to control the light emissions in ever corner!!

With the conventional method, all the wristbands are controlled by one strong radio signal, leading to malfunctions due to reverberation and problems with antenna installation.
With the "Ripple Light" delivery system, the first receiving terminal controls all terminals within its range by sending the received data on to other close terminals.
Also, the radio waves are weak enough to never violate any radio signal usage laws.
Data delivery can be timed to create a ripple or gradual color changing effect. The data transmission system can be easily installed, even in incredibly large venues.
Also, in the future it will be possible to create characters or letters by only illuminating specific Ripple Lights wristbands.

*The delivery system is a new patented technology developed by SSD and G-ONE INC.

Ripple Light receives extensive attention in and out of Japan.

Control 16,777K of full color lighting. Various events with tens of thousands of attendances. Communication protocol which controls illuminating and stage effect (DMX compliant). Illumination timed to match the music and wide variety of lighting.

Ripple Light's advanced control creates better fantastical illumination than ever.

On top of basic illumination functions (solid, blinking, off, and fade), Ripple Light enables high-level lighting effects such as dual-directional lighting wave or rotation lighting.

Location feature supports variety of illumination even with moving objects.

Unique automated location feature (2D/3D) enables detailed illumination staging with unspecified number of Ripple Lights regardless of their location being fixed or not.


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